the store of regina boemisten the hague viewed from the inside

We believe in the power of
flowers and plants

Meet our team of experienced professionals with empathy and a sense of style & quality.

Jeroen Keldermans

Director / Owner & Florist

Jeroen was 13 when he got his first part-time job at the flower stall of the local supermarket. It soon became apparent that he had found his great love in the field of work. After successfully completing his education, he joined Regina in 1990. In 2002 he took over the company together with Mariëlle (sister). Being able to work with the most beautiful materials is still Jeroen's motivation and passion to start the day (early) every day.

Rein Hartevelt

Store Manager

I grew up in a (flower) trading family and that, in combination with a love for beauty and nature, prompted me to choose this profession. The best thing about my work is translating emotion with all the beauty that nature has to offer…

Susan Endhoven


I can still remember it well; As a little girl on a sunny day braiding daisy chains in the grass: that's when my passion for flowers started. The creative possibilities with flowers are endless and that's why I started to specialize as a master binder. What gives me great satisfaction is making people happy with the most beautiful flowers and combinations. The change of seasons and therefore always new materials to combine with make the profession fascinating and, even after 20 years at Regina, never boring.

Yolanda Mak


Originally I come from Wormer, a small village in North Holland, but ended up here in beautiful The Hague because of my friend. I have enjoyed working at Regina since 2019. I love flowers and every season I have new favorites. Making bouquets and arranging funeral flowers is the best part of my profession. I enjoy doing this every day!

Kelsey Buijs

General Employee and Florist

Within Regina I mainly support the other florists. For example, I make sure that all bouquets are packed on time. But I also make flower arrangements. I chose this profession because giving someone flowers is always a good idea in any situation! I really enjoy my work and I hope that I can continue to practice this profession for a long time to come.

Murriel van Dommelen


Born among the flowers. As a little girl I dribbled around the flower auction.

on my 12e I really got acquainted with the florist profession and knew right away: this is what I want to do forever! Working with the most beautiful flowers and being able to translate emotions into beautiful flower arrangements, I enjoy that!!

Marielle Keldermans

Director/Owner & Back Office

When Jeroen (brother) took over Regina in 2002, it was crystal clear to Mariëlle that she had to quit her job in business services to embark on this floral adventure with her brother. Mariëlle takes care of the business side of the company and ensures that Jeroen and the employees of Regina can do what they do best: carry out their craft. Going out with Jeroen to look for new collections is one of the best aspects of her entrepreneurship for Mariëlle.


Founded in 1951 and since then a household name in The Hague and surroundings. Jeroen and Marielle Keldermans (brother and sister) have owned Regina since 2002 (3rd). With a lot of love for our beautiful craft. We do not go for short-lived whims, but always for stylish, timeless, translated to the current era. Sustainability, the highest quality and personal contact are the starting point in everything we do.

a photo of the den haag flower shop regina flowers from a very long time ago, this black and white photo shows the vesitigin of regina in the hague
a picture of the den haag flower shop regina flowers from a very long time ago, showing the full collection of flowers in the shop
a photo of the den haag flower shop regina flowers from a very long time ago, a man is standing on a light yellow tinted photo with flowers at work
a photo of the den haag flower shop regina flowers from a very long time ago, a man is working behind a desk in a light yellow tinted photo
a photo of the den haag flower shop regina flowers from a very long time ago, this black and white photo shows the street with the branch of regina sustainable florists the hague in the background
a photo of the den haag flower shop regina flowers from a very long time ago, this color photo shows the street with the establishment of regina sustainable florists in the hague

Passionate about the power of flowers since 1951.


With our craft we translate emotion into experience

To convey the sincere feeling to the world.

To grieve

to love




To Enjoy


To thank

To surprise




An icon with a leaf wrapped around a flower with 100% floral Friendly next to it

Because we like to do good
for people and nature.

For Regina Floral Feelings, sustainable business means that we take into account the effect of our activities on the environment and that we have an eye for human aspects inside and outside our company.

Since 2015 we have been certified Sustainable Gold level according to the sustainable florist barometer (Sustainable Florist)


an icon of regina flowers for inspiration with the regina logo which is a flower in a burning lamp

Get inspired with ideas
what we love.

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